Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bad day for the garden

I went outside to check in with the garden this evening and things are not going well. A large host of tiny, wingless things is munching on the tomatillos. I will need to go to Stone Brothers and find out what they are and how to kill them. They are eating the entire leaf.

The green beans have some kind of fungus, which is turning the leaves golden in spots. Not cool.

And in the final tragedy that I noticed, the rhubarb has completely collapsed. I am not sure if it is sick or if it is just too hot for it.

In happier news, the tomatoes are doing well so far and a couple of plant have already set fruit!!!

I think that it is nearly time to harvest garlic and onions. I need to get a screen on which I can cure them.

Mosquitos wee out in force tonight. I am wicked itchy!!!!

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