Friday, February 18, 2011

The best day

I love my little farm. It makes everything okay. I had a tough week at work and so was able to take Friday off. Spring danced in on beams of sunlight and I worked outside in a t shirt. I pulled more weeds. I squealed to see tulips--a birthday gift from last year-- coming up around one of my apple trees. I saw the comfrey sending up green leaves, bulbs galore. Onions and garlic sprouting. I'm sure it's a pipe dream, but i am imagining that there wont be much wire grass this year. It's good to dream big in the spring. If only it would rain.

In addition to weeding, I picked up greensand and rock phosphate from Stone Brothers. I mixed the amendments in with the vermicompost from the bottom layer of Can O Worms, dug holes beside each tree to make sure they have access to phosphorus and fed all of the fruiting and flowering trees. Will tossed Biotone in each hole to ensure that the would be some mushroom to help the tree roots find the yummy stuff.

Then, I stood on the fence and looked down the row of apple trees. Every year in the garden moves me to joy. Those apples have grown a lot! They came to me in a tube; just a stack of sticks. Now, their trunks look so strong, their little branches come out of the trunks at strong, fruit bearing angles, and no branches point inward toward the trunk. My little orchard is growing strong! I wish I could be a farmer every day. I love being out there with my plants so much.

Tomorrow I will ask the Rock Shop to deliver some mulch. And I will get the potato starts ready. It's also spring veggie planting time already! I will plant the front yard with dill and cilantro and lettuce. There are already lots of cabbage family plants out there from the winter garden. And maybe peas.

My big projects will be kiwis and passion flower. I would like to build them a trellis out back. I have passion flower seeds; I will try to remember to scratch them up soon. So much to do!!!!!

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